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Achieving a dream silhouette is often associated with numerous sacrifices and restrictions. Fortunately, there are supplements available on the Polish market, which support body weight control. In our opinion, in order to present the most effective supplements, we have put together 3 multi-ingredient supplements below, whose action is aimed at reducing the feeling of hunger and supporting metabolic processes.

Slimming tablets 2022
NuviaLab Keto
Overall rating: 10/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Persistence of results: stars
Safety: stars
Price: stars

NuviaLab Keto is a high quality dietary supplement willingly chosen during weight loss treatments, as well as by people who care about their weight and a healthy lifestyle. It is popular among those following a ketogenic diet, as it helps to accustom the body to consuming small amounts of carbohydrates and affects the extraction of energy from fat.


✔️ Supports weight control during the ketogenic diet.
✔️ Supports weight loss.
✔️ Adds natural energy for exercise.
✔️ Improves digestive processes in the body.
✔️ Stabilises blood sugar levels.
✔️ Reduces the feeling of hunger and thus the desire for snacking between meals.
✔️ Supports the achievement and maintenance of ketosis.
✔️ Improves the process of thermogenesis.


◼️ ForsLean®- Indian nettle root extract containing 10% forskolin, which influences the body's thermogenesis, metabolic rate and accelerates the process of fat tissue reduction. Moreover, it stimulates the process of lipolysis in the organism, i.e. the process of fat cell disintegration, which is desirable in slimming treatment.
◼️ Citrin® - an extract from Malabar tamarind fruit containing as much as 60% of HCA (hydroxycitric acid). HCA is of great importance in the process of fat cell formation and its accumulation in the body. It also reduces the feeling of hunger and the desire for snacking, as well as supporting the maintenance of normal blood sugar and fat levels. HCA acid increases the process of thermogenesis in the body, which in turn translates into spending more energy, leading to weight and fat loss.
◼️ Guarana seed extract [22% caffeine]- guarana contains a large amount of caffeine, thanks to which it supports weight control and lipid metabolism, as well as providing energy for heavy workouts and increasing endurance. What's more, guarana influences the process of thermogenesis, thanks to which we expend energy more efficiently during the same activities.
◼️ Green Tea Leaf Extract [40% EGCG]- reduces the absorption of fat and glucose from food, also contributes to weight control and helps maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
◼️ Annual capsicum fruit extract [2% capsaicin]- improves the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, which may result in better body weight maintenance after weight loss. In addition, capsaicin helps to reduce appetite, stimulates receptors in white and brown fat cells and thus increases thermogenesis and facilitates fat burning, supports digestive system.
◼️ BioPerine® - black pepper fruit extract containing as much as 95% of piperine. This extract improves digestion, facilitates weight loss, facilitates absorption of nutrients, also improves digestion by increasing bile secretion, n intensifies heat production, thanks to which energy is spent more efficiently during the same activities.
◼️ Vitamin B6- contributes to regulation of hormonal activity, reduction of the feeling of fatigue and maintenance of normal energy metabolism. Vitamin B6 participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
◼️ Chromium- helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and metabolism of macronutrients.

Use of

The manufacturer of NuviaLab Keto recommends taking 2 capsules a day with plenty of water, as this greatly improves the absorption of active substances. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the capsules are best taken after a meal, as this will help avoid problems with the digestive system. It is noted that the use of NuviaLab Keto capsules before the planned activity, we provide the body with an extra boost of energy.

Where and at what price to buy

NuviaLab Keto tablets are not available in the traditional sale, but only through the manufacturer's direct website. Through this solution, we can be sure that the product we received is of full quality and contains exactly the ingredients listed on the official website of the manufacturer. What's more, if you decide to purchase NuviaLab Keto via the website, you can take advantage of three packages, which also differ in the number of packages, as well as price.

◻️ BASIC PACKAGE - 1 package at a standard price of £39.00. 60 capsules are sufficient for 30 days of daily use.
◻️ STANDARD PACKAGE - 3 packs in the price of £78.00, thanks to which the price per pack drops to £26.00.
◻️ OPTIMAL PACKAGE - 6 packs but in fact we pay only for 3 packs and we get 3 packs completely free which means we save as much as 50%. The price of the set is €147.00.

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Moringa Actives
Overall rating: 9,8/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Persistence of results: stars
Safety: stars
Price: stars

Moringa Actives is a popular dietary supplement used in the fight against excessive weight. Among the most frequently mentioned properties are lipolytic, protective, diuretic, purifying, immunomodulating and toning. Appropriately selected ingredients mean that the supplement can be used by both women and men.


✔️ Accelerates metabolism.
✔️ Reduces the feeling of hunger.
✔️ Reduces the formation of new fat cells.
✔️ Maintains adequate blood sugar levels.
✔️ Supports the maintenance of normal body weight.
✔️ Reduces accumulation of fat tissue.
✔️ Helps regulate blood pressure.
✔️ Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
✔️ Enhances thermogenesis.


Moringa Actives has been formulated with only naturally derived ingredients that exhibit weight loss effects. The use of natural extracts has a positive effect on liver function, acceleration of the metabolic process, limiting the formation of new fat cells (lipogenesis), reducing the feeling of hunger and supporting digestive processes. There are the following components: moringa actives, i.e. moringa oleifera, garcinia cambogia, piperine or chromium.

◼️ MoringIn™ - extract from moringa oil palm leaves containing 5% of rutin. It is a source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin a and c, zinc and iron, as well as dietary fibre. The extract significantly reduces sugar levels and decreases insulin sensitivity of tissues, which may lead to a decrease in fat tissue accumulation, effectively supporting the reduction of excessive body weight. What's more, the extract also reduces cholesterol levels and suppresses appetite, which makes it easier to maintain a diet.
◼️ Citrin® - an extract from Malabar tamarind fruit containing as much as 60% of hydroxycitric acid inhibits the process of lipogenesis and accumulation of fats in body tissues, as well as supports weight control, regulates blood sugar levels and reduces the appetite for snacks. It is also worth mentioning that hydroxycitric acid enhances the process of thermogenesis and increases the metabolic rate.
◼️ BioPerine® - black pepper fruit extract containing as much as 95% of piperine. Piperine supports digestive processes and liver function by supporting blood circulation. It also facilitates fat burning and increases bile secretion, which has a positive effect on digestion; in addition, it supports the absorption of other ingredients and reduces the feeling of hunger.
◼️ Chromium - helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, reduces the appetite for snacks and has a significant impact on maintaining normal macronutrient metabolism.

Use of

In order for Moringa Actives to contribute to the best possible results, the manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules every day after a meal with plenty of water. The purpose of taking the tablets after a meal is to ensure better absorption of the nutrients. It is also worth noting that in this situation we reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems.

Where and at what price to buy

Moringa Actives are available only via the manufacturer's website. The capsules cannot be found in stationary shops, pharmacies or shops with dietary supplements. If you decide to buy the product via the manufacturer's website, you are guaranteed to receive a safe, high quality dietary supplement. Moringa Actives is available in three packages.

◻️ BASIC PACKAGE - 1 package at the price of £39.00 - 60 capsules, enough for a month's treatment.
◻️ STANDARD PACKAGE - contains 3 capsules for €98.00 - 3 months slimming treatment.
◻️ OPTIMAL PACKAGE - 6 packs of the supplement at the price of £117.00. In this case, you only pay for 3 packs and get 3 packs for free.

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Keto Actives
Overall rating: 9,5/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Persistence of results: stars
Safety: stars
Price: stars

Keto Actives tablets have gained recognition among people deciding to fight for a slim figure. They are characterized by a strong slimming effect, which is due to properly selected ingredients, among which you can find Garcinia Cambogia extract, Indian nettle extract, green tea extract, chromium, vitamin B6, bitter orange extract, paprika extract and caffeine.


✔️ Reduces body weight.
✔️ Accelerates the fat burning process.
✔️ Significantly reduces the feeling of hunger.
✔️ Accelerates metabolism.
✔️ Helps cleanse the body of toxins.
✔️ Provides an additional portion of energy.


Keto Actives is a supplement based on all-natural ingredients, so it does not cause side effects. The formula is based on selected ingredients, including:

◼️ ForsLean® - Indian nettle root extract [10% forskolin] - supports fat metabolism, fat tissue reduction and maintenance of lean body mass.
◼️ Clarinol®, compressed linoleic acid (CLA) - linoleic acid (LA) helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, accelerates fat burning from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
◼️ Natural caffeine anhydrous - improves concentration and endurance, minimises fatigue after physical activity.
◼️ Bitter orange fruit extract - supports lipid metabolism and weight control.
◼️ Black pepper fruit extract - supports secretion of digestive juices, increases assimilation of nutrients, regulates the process of defecation, improves digestive system function, ensures better digestion.
◼️ Ashwagandha root extract - helps control weight, provides energy for harder training.
◼️ Annual pepper fruit extract - provides better digestive function.
◼️ Chromium - maintains normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels, participates in metabolism of macronutrients.

Use of

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day with plenty of water to ensure the best absorption of the ingredients. You will notice the first effects after the first month of regular use. Unfortunately it may turn out that one month is not enough to achieve your dream silhouette. Don't be discouraged, just use a package containing a larger number of packs of Keto Actives.

Where and at what price to buy

Keto Actives dietary supplement can only be found in online sales. It is not possible to buy it in pharmacies or stationary shops. The manufacturer has decided on this form of purchase, so that each recipient receives a proven, tested and completely safe product. Unfortunately, there are many supplements available on the market which have a similar composition but do not have a confirmed effect. Therefore, we encourage you to purchase from a proven and fully safe source. What is more, the manufacturer provides a choice of three packages so that everyone can find a solution tailored to their needs and budget.

◻️ Basic package - 1 pack for £39.00
◻️ Standard package - 3 packs, you pay for 2 and get the third one for free - cost £78.00 
◻️ Optimal package - 6 packs, you pay for 3 and get three free - cost £117.00

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The summary prepared by our team is aimed at enabling you to choose the most effective product for weight loss, which is fully safe and, most importantly, effective. All three supplements are characterised by a formula based on selected ingredients, thanks to which they provide spectacular results in just a few months. Both women and men can benefit from the possibilities of the discussed preparations. It is up to you which solution you decide on.